UEFA Champions League Winners List and Short History

In terms of country wins the Champions League has been held the most in Italy, Spain and England with 12 titles for Spain and Italy and 11 titles for England.

The current Champions League champions are Inter Milan but the 2010/2011 competition is already underway and so it will not be long until there is a new title added to this list. Here is a list of all the Champions League winners:

Football Team – Times Won – Years WonReal Madrid – 9 titles – 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1966, 1998, 2000, 2002AC Milan – 7 titles – 1963, 1969, 1989, 1990, 1994, 2003, 2007Liverpool FC – 5 titles – 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005Bayern Munich – 4 titles – 1974, 1975, 1976, 2001Ajax – 4 titles – 1971, 1972, 1973, 1995Barcelona – 3 titles – 1992, 2006, 2009Inter Milan – 3 titles – 1964, 1965, 2010Manchester United – 3 titles – 1968, 1999, 2008Benfica – 2 titles – 1961, 1962Juventus – 2 titles – 1985, 1996Nottingham Forest – 2 titles – 1979, 1980Porto – 2 titles – 1987, 2004Celtic – 1 title – 1967Hamburg – 1 title – 1983Steaua Bucuresti – 1 title – 1986Marseille – 1 title – 1993Feyenoord – 1 title – 1970Aston Villa – 1 title – 1982PSV Eindhoven – 1 title – 1988Red Star Belgrade – 1 title – 1991Borussia Dortmund – 1 title – 1997It can be seen that Real Madrid and AC Milan have been most prolific in the Champions League throughout history, but in the modern era Barcelona have dominated with 3 wins in the last 18 years. 2 teams qualify from each group through to the knockout stage of the Champions League. It started out as a straight forward knockout football competition in 1955, in which only the club champions of each European country could enter.. Both Valencia and Stade Reims have reached the Champions League final twice but lost on both occasions. Even if a club lost every match in the group stage of the Champions League they would still walk away with 3.3 million.

What’s more, participating clubs also receive TV revenue on top of prize money which again is highly lucrative considering that the Champions League final is the most watched sporting event in the world with around 100 million global viewers. However, after Inter Milan and Bayern Munich defied bookies and reached the final last year anything could happen is this year’s Champions League!

Champions League MedalWhat is now known as the UEFA Champions League began life as the European Champions Club Cup and did not change its name to the Champions League until 1992. As ever Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid have been ranked as favourites for the competition. In its current form the Champions League also allows more than national champions to enter with countries such as England and Spain having 4 teams qualify for the competition.

Champions League Prize Money and TV Ratings

The European cup is a highly lucrative competiton for football clubs in the modern era with Champions League prize money reaching up to 36.4 million for a championship winning campaign. Only 12 teams have managed to win the competition more than once and the record for most wins is held by Real Madrid with a tally of 9. Given all this it is no surprise that the Champions League is considered the biggest and best club football competition in the world.

Champions League Winners List

Since the Champions League competition began in 1955 there have been 21 different clubs who have lifted the trophy. In its modern form the Champions League has 3 stages; First there is the qualification stage for the clubs who do not qualify automatically, then when the main competition begins there is a group stage consisting of 8 groups of 4 teams

Real Madrid’s New Deal With Bwin Suggests Chelsea’s Samsung Pact Is Underpriced

Real have spent 672 million pounds on 40 players between 2003 and 2009:

The investment contributed to a deficit between 2000-2009 of 559 million euros and the latest spending spree by new president Florentino Perez, in which he lavished around 250 million euros on players including Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, has lifted the club’s gross debt to around 800 million, [Prof. It received "US$60 million ... Jose Maria Gay] estimates.”Real’s most important revenue streams won’t be enough to offset their spending,” Gay said at a presentation in Barcelona. “It’s a very risky investment.”Bwin’s name first appeared on Madrid’s shirt in 2007-08.

BNET’s global football sponsorship deal league:

Liverpool: 20 million a year (81 million over four years) with Standard CharteredManchester United: 20 million a year (80 million over four years) with AonReal Madrid: 18.3 million a year (55 million over three years) with Bwin.comBayern Munich: 17 million a year (68 million over four years) with T-HomeJuventus: 15 million a year (75 million over five years) with TamoilChelsea: 12.5 million a year (37.5 million over three years) with SamsungManchester City: 8m a year (24 million over three years) with Etihad Airways.Arsenal: 6.7 million a year (100 million over 15 years) with Emirates

2009 CBS Interactive Inc.. got when the London club re-upped its deal with Samsung. over the next three years,” according to Sports Pro Media. All Rights Reserved.

Last Updated Oct 2, 2009 2:47 PM EDT

Real Madrid has increased its sponsorship deal with Bwin to 18.3 million a year for three years, but it may not be enough to sustain the club’s 672 million player-buying spree since 2003.

The Bwin deal is an increase from Real’s previous price, a 12.7-million-a year (38 million over three years) deal with the Austrian online gambling empire. Real thus leaps Bayern Munich and Juventus to take third place in BNET’s ranking of international football sponsorship prices (see below).. Given that Real, Liverpool F.C. That works out as 12.5 million a year — only a modest increase from its previous price of 11 million a year.

While Real may be celebrating the new cash influx, those celebrations won’t last long, according to a study by a professor of accounting at the University of Barcelona. That’s a problem given that, on paper, Chelsea owes owner Roman Abramovich three quarters of a million pounds.

It also raises a question about how much Chelsea F.C. and Manchester United have all managed to grab magnitudes more cash in their recent deals, it suggests that Chelsea’s negotiators have underpriced their club

Chess Bundesliga Kicks Off | Lubomir Kavalek

White’s attack is too powerful.) 25…exf5 26.Bxf5! gxf5 (Black didn’t have much choice. In one of the matches OSG Baden defeated SG Solingen, a team I joined in 1969 as their top player. OSG only played two matches over the last weekend, winning twice, despite missing their three superstars. At the beginning, the German Chess Federation fought the foreign players tooth and nail and allowed only two of them on a team. The world champion Vishy Anand, the world’s top-ranked Magnus Carlsen and Alexei Shirov are playing the Bilbao Masters in Spain. Today, the foreigners dominate the top teams.


18.Ref3!? (Prepares the f4-f5 advance. Ftacnik’s line was developed by Hungarian players in anticipation of white’s attack on the kingside. Black was unable to find a solid defense. In many countries chess is considered sport, run by national sports organizations, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is seriously thinking to include it in the Summer Olympics. The World Chess Federation (FIDE) with 159 nations is second. Black can also try to play actively on the queenside with 14…Bc6 15.Rae1 Qb7 as in the other Areshchenko’s game, which continued: 16.Bd3 b4 17.Nd1 bxa3 18.bxa3 g6 19.Nf2 Rac8 20.Qh3 Rfd8 21.Rb1 Qd7 22.Qh6 Bb5 23.Nh3 Bf8 24.Qh4 Nh5 25.g4 Be7 26.Ng5 e5? 27.gxh5 Bxg5 28.Qxg5 exd4 29.f5 Re8 30.f6 Kh8 31.hxg6 Re5 32.Qh6 [After 32...fxg6 33.f7 wins.] Black resigned in Areshchenko-Lammers, Bremen, Bundesliga 2010/11.) 15.Rae1 Rd7 16.Bd3 Re8 (Black is ready to fight.)

Areshchenko – Ftacnik

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e6 6.Be2 a6 7.0-0 Be7 8.f4 Qc7 9.Kh1 Nc6 10.Be3 0-0 (One of the most analyzed positions in the Scheveningen Sicilian.)

Chess is getting global and you find players from all parts of the world participating in national team competitions in Europe. In the first two Bundesliga rounds, he won two games against the flexible Scheveningen Sicilian. OSG Baden-Baden is the defending champion and a clear favorite to win it all with an impressive line-up of foreign players on the top eight boards. For example:

Five years ago, the current French women’s champion, Almira Skripchenko, became a poster girl for the German Bundesliga, arguably the world’s strongest national chess team competition.


Skripchenko is a member of the Werder Bremen team in the Bundesliga that has good chances to fight for the first place this year. In the second game, he defeated the Slovakian GM Lubomir Ftacnik, one of the foremost experts, who issued

a very instructive DVD about the opening.



32.Rxg7! (Opening the floodgates. The immediate 18.f5? is met by 18…e5 19.Nd5 [After 19.fxg6 fxg6 20.Nd5 Nxd5 21.exd5 Rf8 and black blunts the attack.] 19…Bxd5 20.exd5 exd4 21.fxg6 dxe3 22.gxf7+ Kxf7 23.Bxh7 Rh8 24.Qg6+ Kf8 25.Qh6+ Kf7 [Or 25...Ke8? 26.Bg6+ Kd8 27.Qxh8+ and white mates.] 26.Qg6+ and white has only a perpetual check.) 18…d5 (Preventing 19.f5, but allowing white to block the center.) 19.e5 Ne4 20.Qe1 b4 21.axb4 Bxb4 (Optically, black is not doing badly, but his kingside is still vulnerable.) 22.Rh3 Qd8 (Trying to prevent Qe1-h4, but 22…Bc5 23.Qh4 f5 was better.) 23.Qe3 (Not only escaping from the pin, but the queen may eventually end up on the square h6.)

B. Areshchenko probably felt that after 30.Rxg7!? Rxg7 [on 30...Kxg7 31.Qg5+ Kh8 32.Rxf6 Rg8 33.Rf8+ Rdg7 34.Bxg7 mates.] 31.Bxf6 Qxf6 32.Rxf6 d4 33.Qe5 dxc3 34.Rf7 Bxg2+ 35.Kg1 Reg8 winning could be more difficult.) 30…Rc7 31.Qd3 h6

17.Re3!? (White would like to add more pieces to his attack. Kicking the chess pieces, she made a symbolic connection between soccer and chess. The play through the center with 19…d5 is tackled by 20.f5!! dxe4 21.fxg6 fxg6 [After 21...exf3 22.Qxh7+! Nxh7 23.gxh7+ Kf8 24.h8R mates.] 22.Rxf6 Rxd4 23.Rf7 Bh4 24.Be2, threatening to win a piece with either 25.Rxb7 or 26.g3, as in the game Caruana -Sasikiran,Wijk aan Zee 2009.)

A. grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura played in Austria and Spain. You can see Chinese grandmasters playing on Russian teams and South American players in Spain , Portugal and France. Image by Werder Bremen PR


Note that in the replay windows below you can click on the notation to follow the game.

23…Nxc3? (Getting rid of the centrally-placed knight opens the door to a swift attack, but black may be uncomfortable facing the threat f4-f5. Keeping the piece 24…Ne4 loses after 25.Qh6 Ng5 [or 25...f6 26.exf6 Bf8 27.fxg6 Bxh6 28.f7+ Kf8 29.gxh7 Bg7 30.fxe8Q+ Kxe8 31.Bxg7 wins.] 26.f6 Bf8 27.Qxg5 Qc7 28.Rxh7 Kxh7 29.Rf3 Kg8 30.Rh3 Qa5 31.Qh4 wins.) 24…Bf8 (Black is almost out of hot water, but with the bishop on b7, white is able to break through on the light squares.)

The Ukrainian GM Alexander Areshchenko, another member of the Werder Bremen team, accomplished an interesting feat. The top U.S. It was later picked up by Garry Kasparov, who used it to win the last game of his 1985 match against Karpov and became the world champion. After 26…Rc7 27.e6 Bc8 28.Qg3! white has a decisive attack, for example 28…Bxe6 29.Bxg6 fxg6 30.Qxg6+ hxg6 [Or 30...Rg7 31.Rxf8+ Kxf8 32.Qxg7 mate.] 31.Rh8 mate.) 27.Rg3+ Kh8 28.e6+ f6 29.Rxf5 Bg7 30.Rh5! (Targeting the pawn on h7. And unlike in many sports, women can compete against men across the chessboard. FIFA, the governing body of soccer, has 208 member countries, the most of any sport. . The other American GM Alexander Onischuk plays in Germany, where you can find players from India, Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries.

25.f5! (Black’s position collapses. They won the first three matches and are in the lead. After the positional approach 11.a4, I have originated the Twin Tower defense, 11…Re8 12.Bf3 Rb8, at the Manila Interzonal in 1976 against Yuri Balashov. During my 21-year stint we won 10 national titles and two European Club championships. It is now the most popular defensive set-up.) 11…Nxd4 12.Bxd4 b5 13.a3 Bb7 14.Qg3 Rad8 (Black is at crossroads. Swinging the knight to the kingside with Nc3-d1-f2 didn’t bring much success and is being replaced by the rook-lift.) 17…g6 (Ftacnik tries to spare a move from the bunker strategy 17…Qd8 18.Qh3 g6 that showed some cracks after 19.Ref3!, preparing a powerful advance of the f-pawn. 19…Bf8, white can sacrifice an exchange as in the game Azarov -Lamoureux, Budva 2009: 20.f5! exf5 21.exf5! g5 [After 21...Bxf3?! 22.fxg6 fxg6 23.Bxf6 Qxf6 24.Qxd7 white wins.] 22.Rg3 h6 23.Nd1 Be4 24.Ne3 d5 25.Bxf6 Qxf6 26.Ng4 Qh8 27.Qh5 Rd6 28.h4 Qh7 29.Rh3 Qg7 30.f6 Qh7 31.hxg5 d4 32.gxh6 Rde6 33.Qg5+ and black resigned. For example 23…Bc6 24.f5 Bxc3 25.Qh6 f6 26.bxc3 exf5 27.exf6 Rf7 28.g4 fxg4 29.Qxh7+!! Rxh7 30.f7+ Kf8 31.Rxh7 and white wins.) 24.bxc3 (White could play the fancy 24.f5!, but 24…Bf8 25.bxc3 transposes to the game. The white pieces sneak in.) 32…Rxg7 (After 32…Kxg7 33.Qg3+ white wins either after 33…Kf8 34.Rxh6 Rxe6 35.Rh8+ Ke7 36.Rh7+ Kf8 37.Bc5+!; or after 33…Kh7 34.Be3 Kh8 35.Bxh6 Rh7 36.Bg7+ Kg8 37.Bf8+ Kxf8 38.Rxh7.) 33.Rxh6+ Kg8 34.Qh3! (Threatening mate in one and black can’t escape, for example 34…Rxe6 35.Qxe6+ Rf7 36.Bxf6 wins; or 34…Kf8 35.Bc5+ Ree7 36.Rh8+ Rg8 37.Qh6+ Ke8 38.Rxg8 mate.) Black resigned.


11.Qe1 (The queen will go to the square g3, creating attacking chances against the black king

Forget FIFA scandal, fans say before Champions League final | Reuters

prosecutors in New York.

But Barca fan Omar Trevino, a 37-year-old manager at Airbus in Hamburg, defended outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

“He was actually really good at managing people. I only care about the game.”

Standing nearby in his Barca jersey was Ivan Tirade, a 37-year-old shopkeeper from Valencia getting in the mood for his fourth Champions League final.

“This isn’t about money.

BERLIN The thousands of Barcelona and Juventus fans streaming into Berlin’s Olympic Stadium for the Champions League final later on Saturday were confident the showpiece would knock the FIFA scandal off the front pages and out of people’s minds.

World soccer’s governing body was plunged into the worst crisis in the organisation’s 111-year history on May 27 when Swiss police staged a dawn raid in Zurich and arrested several officials on corruption charges filed by U.S.

The hordes in high spirits from Spain and Italy blanketed the German capital on Saturday, many easily identifiable in their team colours. But today the only thing that matters is the game.”. “It’s time to rally around the guys in the jerseys and not the jerks in their suits.”

(Reporting by Erik Kirschbaum)

“It’s a big deal in Switzerland but I don’t care.

“FIFA is ruining football,” he said. We’re here because we love the game,” said Pasquale D’Andrea, a 23-year-old student from Foggia, Italy wearing a black and white Juve jersey. Ralf Rodemayer, a technician from Zell am See in Austria, has been a Barca fan for 20 of his 26 years.

“I don’t care about the FIFA scandal today, maybe tomorrow,” he said. He had everything under control for a many years,” he said. “I thought FIFA was well managed but we never knew what was behind it all.”

“It’s time to celebrate soccer again and not moan about all that’s wrong with FIFA,” he said. They were nevertheless united in their hopes that the FIFA scandal would go away at least for the day.

Adrian Adell, a 25-year-old pharmacist proudly wearing Barcelona’s blue and maroon colours in front of the stadium, said the Champions League final was the only thing that mattered on Saturday. “It’s a terrible thing when these people in power take advantage of the passions of the fans. The people at the top of FIFA only care about the money. They should get lost.”

“This is the best part of football the fans and the players. “We’re here to see a great match.”

Francesca Lombardo, a 26-year-old office clerk from Glarus, Switzerland who said she’s been a Juve fan “since I was born” thanks to Italian father, shared Tirade’s view, saying she doesn’t know or care much about the FIFA scandal

Football’s Biggest Wins and Highest Scoring Matches.

Their invitation was meant to go to Orion FC, who wouldn’t have beaten Arbroath (in fact Orion faced Bon Accord’s opponents two years later and lost 18-0) but at least they played the same sport as them. Their manager, Ratismandresy Ratsarazaka, in a bizzare protest against decisions that had cost his team the league, had ordered his players to repeatedly fire shots into their own net from the kickoff. But it wasn’t a victory to be proud of. In fact, the victory could have been by a much greater margin had the referee, Dave Storment, not chalked off 7 goals for offside. The majority of their national team had just been declared ineligible by FIFA over passport issues, and they were unable to call up their under 20 players to replace them, as most of them were sitting highschool exams. Australia 31-0 American Samoa.

In American Samoa’s entire history as an international football team they had managed only one victory. That came against the mighty Wallis and Futuna in 1983. During the 2009-2010 Barclays English Premier League season, eventual champions Chelsea put 7 past Stoke, Aston Villa, and Sunderland, and 8 past Wigan (who also lost 9-1 to Tottenham Hotspur). Part of you wants them to stop, while another part wants them to continue to tear them apart. Australia, who had just beaten Tonga 22-0. Arbroath 36-0 Bon Accord.

36-0 is a cricket score, which is appropriate considering Bon Accord were a cricket team who had been entered into the Scottish Football Cup by mistake. As Samoa’s coach Lui noted, ‘We don’t know what Australia were trying to prove scoring all those goals.’ In the end, Australia’s massive win didn’t do them any good. They effectively had to play with a third choice eleven, which had an average age of 18 and included two 15 year olds. The match between AS Adema and SOE, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt, as the extraordinary result only came about as a result of a strange protest.

12th September 1885. Archie Thompson equalled John Petrie’s world record with 13 (he would have broken it but for a disallowed goal). In a pre-season friendly in 2009, Spanish side Villareal beat third division Navata 27-0. Public Domain.” data-credit-link=”http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Scottish_Football_League/Arbroath/Arbroath.htm” src=”https://static.suite.io/article_images/orig/3a6fa65e-e842-42bc-a04a-b2c285dc148d.jpg” title=”Arbroath 1885″/>Every now and again football throws up some terribly one-sided matches. Unterhaching’s David Zdrilic got 8 goals. Dundee Harp 35-0 Aberdeen Rovers. It is not as impossible, however, to score 149 own goals which Malagsy club SOE proved during a match against AS Adema in the TBH Champions League in 2002. 18-year-old John Petrie scored 13 of those 36 (still a record for a single match) while Jim Milne Jr, Bon Accord’s goalkeeper, spent most of the match trying to avoid the rain underneath an umbrella. Results like these are horrible for fans of the losing team, but are peversely enjoyable for the neutral. It is harder to support such practice in cup matches, as was the case in three of the games below. Australia, who were ranked 128 places above them. The manger was subsequently suspended by the Madagascar football federation for three years, while SOE players Mamisoa Razafindrakoto, Manitranirinana Andrianiaina, Nicolas Rakotoarimanana, and Dominique Rakotonandrasana were suspended until the end of the 2002 season.

Telegraph, The, April 14, 2001 by Mark Jeffreys

Sunday Herald, The, Jan 19, 2003 by Natasha Woods

Guardian, The, November 29, 2002

. As Adema 149-0 SOE Antananarivo

If you were under the impression that it would be impossible to score 149 goals in a 90 minute match you would be correct. Sources

Arbroath 1885

11th April 2001. For some reason, the referee didn’t abandon the game, and the players kept this up relentlessly for the entire match. This was always going to be an absolute mauling and Australia refused to show them any mercy. Despite scoring 73 goals in the qualifiers, they were defeated 3-1 in a playoff against Uruguay, missing out on an a place at the 2002 World Cup in Japan/South Korea.

31st October 2002. Is it unsporting behavior to run up the score against inferior opposition? In Chelsea’s case, it was easy to justify, as goal difference could have been the difference between them winning and not winning the league. They were ranked 203rd best out of 203 nations. ‘I’ve got to tell you they are woeful’, said David Smith, their Australian liason officer, ‘the reserves of a seventh division amateur side would beat them.’ And their opponents were Australia. Incredibly, on the exact same day and only 18 miles away, Dundee Harp defeated Aberdeen Rovers 35-0

World’s Ugliest Footballers

Below are ten footballers who would be described as “being no oil painting” or “having a face only a mother could love”. It looks like the same as ditching his blonde curtains.

Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn

The 30-year old is enjoying something of a renaissance of late with League One outfit MK Dons. The aesthetic quality is not always embodied in those talented players. Carlos Valderramas crazy look can be solely attributed to his frizzy blonde hair and pencil-ish style mustache.

Football is the most favorite sport all over the world; hence, footballers personify the image of the success and have followers in the whole world who idolize and turn them into heroes. Nowadays, some best players not only play as sportsmen but become the most requested models in the publicity as well.

Luke Chadwick is enjoying something of a renaissance with League One. Taribo West has earned his name in the category Crazy World Cup Haircut. His frizzy blonde hair and pencil-ish style mustache attribute to his crazy look.

Striker Wayne Rooney

However, not all of the soccer players are on that case. The same could be applied to his appearance after ditching his blonde curtains.” width=”480″ height=”369″ />

Abel Xavier has had a number of creations through the years but the painstakingly trimmed and dyed facial hair adds extra emphasis on his ugly appearance.

His unique look, smile and superlative talent made him an icon in the world of football.

Franck Ribery was born in France and he is playing for Bayern Munchen

Oliver Kahn is a truly deserving first choice keeper all the time. However, handsomeness is not barometer of talent at all. Green extensions with little bits on top and a pony tail, it might be patriotic from the Nigeria star but it is also ridiculous.

Abel Xavier has had a number of famous creations on the fieldbut the painstakingly trimmed and dyed facial hair emphasises his ugly appearance.

Striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is a Dutch former football striker who played for various clubsincluding the Netherlands, Portugal, England, Wales and Spain.

His unique look, constant smile and superlative talent made him an icon, not only at the Nou Camp but also around the world.

The Portuguese defender is in the forthcoming season with new coach Jose Mourinho in Real Madrid.

Defender Taribo West

Midfielder Franck Ribery

Come as no surprise, Striker Wayne Rooney ranks rock bottom of the poll.

Worst Sport Accidents in 2010

Midfielder Ronaldinho

Valderrama is the best Colombian player ever. Being hard todefeat and even harder to love, but for sure that although they may not have the film star apprearance, they would alwaysperform exellentperformance on the field.

Defender Pepe

Valderrama is the  best Colombian player ever. The priority of all soccer players is the ball, but the world of football has changed a lot. A shocking blonde hair and ugly face has impressed lots if football fans.

Striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink  is a Dutch former football striker who played for various clubs in the Netherlands, Portugal, England, Wales and Spain, as well as the Dutch national team

Midfielder Carlos Valderrama

Oliver Kahn is a truly deserving first choice keeper all the time. Green extensions with little bits on top and a pony tail, it might be patriotic from the Nigeria star, but really ridiculous as well.

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Funniest Toilet Signs Worldwide

Franck Ribery was born in France and he is playing for Bayern Munchen

Taribo West has earned his name in the category crazy World Cup haircut. A shocking blonde hair and ugly face has impressed lots of football fans.

<img src=

Come as no surprise, Striker Wayne Rooney ranks rock bottom of the poll.

Striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

The Portuguese defender is in the forthcoming season with new coach Jose Mourinho in Real Madrid.

Worlds Strangest Gravestones

Midfielder Luke Chadwick

Defender Abel Xavier

How does the Bundesliga work? Like the season finishes May 23 and is that it? or is there a playoff like format after that?

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UEFA Champions League Group C PSV Eindhoven 0:0 Liverpool by Steven Cronin

In defence of Benitez, with Premiership games against Chelsea, Newcastle and Tottenham coming up, maybe he feels the need to protect Liverpools engine room.

The squad rotation policy of manager Rafa Benitez has raised one or two eyebrows of late, many fans questioning whether the Spaniard had lost the plot.

That aside, the Liverpool defence coped well with most of what PSV could throw at them, though in truth neither side could create any real clear cut openings.

It was the closest the Reds got to breaking a PSV Eindhoven defensive line that held Liverpool at bay for much of the match.

The dangerous Kone was allowed to run from deep in his own half virtually unopposed into the Liverpool penalty area before unleashing a ferocious shot that cannoned back off the crossbar.

Steven Gerrard came within a whisker of scoring the crucial winning goal for Liverpool in this opening Champions League group stage clash.

The Liverpool skipper latched onto a bouncing ball at the corner of the penalty area, unleashing a rasping volley that eluded the goalkeeper but crashed back off the inside of the far post.

But it was the sight of Gerrard sat on the substitutes bench that gave the biggest surprise of the night.

Craig Bellamy looked Liverpools most dangerous player, though despite some clever runs the service to the front man was often wayward.

Chief culprit was Jamie Pennant, the two at times seemingly on completely different wavelengths.

Liverpool began the match with their two most influential midfielders in Gerrard and Alonso both on the bench, a bizarre decision considering the importance of getting off to a solid start in this competition.

PSV started the game well, a bad omen considering their manager Ronald Koeman was in charge of the Benfica side who sent Liverpool crashing out of last seasons tournament.

During The Summer People Are Practicing All Kind Of Sports by Sam Avila

Everything that is required so that you can experience it is a pair of good sneakers, some rudimentary clothes and after this you can think about yourself prepared. This is surely a fantastic activity. Folks like to practice it for the reason that it is extremely cheap and accessible.

. Some of the best teams in Europe usually are Manchester United, FC Chelsea, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid. Exactly why people enjoy so much to practice them is due to the fact in this manner they are in the position to relax a little bit and also to do some physical exercise. There’s a lot of wonderful summer sports. Another sport that’s very popular during the summer season is undoubtedly biking. The place where football is certainly played at a extremely high level is normally Europe. These are absolutely some great activities that are excellent to be exercised through the summer season. An activity that is fantastic to be practiced through the summer season and that is very helpful when you wish to escape from stress is undoubtedly jogging. Here there are many football clubs that every year manage to obtain great performances in some of the best football tourneys. The sport that is definitely really practiced all around the planet is probably football. A great bike doesn’t cost more and a couple of hundreds of dollars so getting one is certainly not an issue.

The beauty of bicycling is the fact that it may be exercised in almost any kind of outdoor environment that you can imagine. Every one of these activities are the best suited to be practiced in a outdoor environment. This is a sport which is extremely simple and easy to be practiced. It is such a loved and treasured activity because of the fact it is really cheap and easy to practice. There are tons of people which prefer to travel but there are also a lot of men and women that enjoy from time to time to practice numerous sports. In the course of this period men and women enjoy to take part in all type of fun and interesting activities. In order to appreciate football all that is important is to get a ball and to have the proper field where to exercise it. There are tons of top notch summer sports however the ones which are some of the best and most popular are usually beach volleyball, jogging, biking, football, tennis. Definitely that you could choose to practice others but you have to take into account that these are seen as being the sports with a extremely high popularity.

Summer is that time of the year that everyone loves. The best thing about this specific sport is the fact that it may be well practiced alone or together with your best mates

Eurosport Extends Bundesliga Partnership in Nordics, Central & Eastern Europe until 2017

This new agreement complements Bundesliga’s growth strategy

and reflects the positive development the Bundesliga has enjoyed over

the last several years.

Eurosport 2 started broadcasting the German Leagues in 2009 and further

extended its initial agreement with DFL Sports Enterprises, the

commercial arm of the DFL, in 2011.

The 22 territories are: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,

Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Kosovo,

Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania,

Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

Eurosport has firmly established itself among fans as the channel for

premium Bundesliga football action. Bundesliga fans in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe have

been served extremely well by Eurosport, and over the past four years

have seen considerable advances in terms of both volume and quality of


Jörg Daubitzer, Managing Director of DFL Sports Enterprises said:

“We recognize the value of our partnership with Eurosport, with whom we

have forged a long-standing partnership based on mutual appreciation and

stability. Eurosport 2 coverage includes five

LIVE Bundesliga matches per weekend, a weekly highlights programme,

dedicated magazine shows and expert insight from top consultants.

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eurosport and DFL Sports Enterprises GmbH have extended their

long-standing partnership for two additional seasons: 2015-2016 and


All LIVE Bundesliga action is available in the licensed territories on

the Eurosport Player, the group’s online subscriber simulcast service

for mobile, PC, tablet and connected TV users.

The deal renews Eurosport’s exclusive live TV and digital rights,

including sub-licensing rights, for all matches of Bundesliga and

Bundesliga 2 in 22 territories* in the Nordic, Central and Eastern

European region.

Launched in 2005, Eurosport 2 continues to be one of Europe’s fastest

growing pay TV channels reaching 66 million homes in 18 languages across

51 countries and features over 2000 hours of LIVE sporting action per


Eurosport CEO Jean-Thierry Augustin said: “Eurosport has

played a key role in broadening the fan base for the Bundesliga beyond

the German market and this is can be attributed to the depth of our

coverage and the success of the teams within the League over that

period. Eurosport is proud to further extend our relationship for two

additional seasons and to offer this premium content to subscribers in

the 22 countries.”